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"We continue to engage and share the experience and realities of our New Americans.  We stand with them in solidarity.  As we have throughout our history, we will support immigrants by providing services and offering appropriate representation to reserve their safety and security"

With the generous support of donors like you, any given year:

  • 3,701 families are provided with expert counsel and safeguarded from exploitation
  • 696 individuals are taught English
  • 22,309 calls for help answered are promptly with accurate information in 200+ languages (39,813 referrals)
  • 697 breadwinners are helped to obtain authorization to work
  • 758 detained unaccompanied minors are helped with legal orientation and court representation
  • 436 individual refugees are resettled
  • 529 individuals received humanitarian or asylum protection
  • 210 legal residents obtained citizenship

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