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Ever since a hit-and- run accident left Andrea with a crushed leg and unable to work, life had been hard. But then her struggles grew to a whole new level:

Andrea learned she had advanced lung cancer. Her teenage daughter, Ashley, a shy girl, was devastated by the news.

But the family faced even more immediate concerns…

The rent on their two-bedroom apartment in the Bronx had been raised. With the increased rent and medical expenses mounting, they’d begun falling behind on their rent.

In the midst of an intensive chemotherapy regimen, her hair falling out and feeling overwhelmed and already frightened about the future, Andrea received an eviction notice – they were $1,900 behind on rent!

It felt like the world was crashing in. Andrea and Ashley had no one to turn to for help... until Catholic Charities became aware of their situation.

With compassionate people like you behind us, we were able to help pay their back rent and save mother and daughter from losing their home in the midst of their struggles.

That is the simple miracle of hope that your Christmas gift today makes possible for New Yorkers like Andrea and Ashley.

Will you share the gift of help and hope today?

With gratitude,

Msgr. Kevin Sullivan


Executive Director